Wednesday, 14 September 2011

10 things I have learnt in this kitchen...

So, as you may know - I am currently the Head Chef in our little (very little) pub kitchen.  I was sort of thrown in at the deep end back in April, but that's a whole story on its own. Basically, I had to LEARN TO COOK. Yip, I am was the world's worst cook. ( My sweet little sister would like to add in here, that I still make the world's worst gravy which is basically 1 x whole bottle of wine, bubble it up on the stove and add a blob of chicken stock.) You can have a hangover just from the wine. SER-I-AAS-LY!

So here you go... TEN (Probably useless) things I have learnt while running this kitchen:

1) American children DO NOT eat Baked Beans. I have yet to find one that does :) Show me! Show me!

2) British children LOVE chicken nuggets. Even more than burgers.

3) If you do not turn the Gas off, THE FIRE WILL NOT GO OUT....

4) It really helps to wash up as you go........

5) If you put a pen in your hair, you probably won't lose it, and will always be able to find it when needed. The same applies for keeping the freezer keys in your bra.

or you could go all out like this Chickie

6) You can learn to cook when you have no choice. Trust me. I make a MEAN steak.

7) Country bumkins do not appreciate you stacking their chips up like Jenga. They want big, fat piles of messy chips. Let's not get technical here.

8) You will permanently smell of grease if you work in a pub kitchen. And your children will back off when you try to kiss them goodnight. This goes for the husband too..

9) You get very protective over this food that you once were unable to cook. Heaven help anyone that leaves a bit on their plate or EVER sends anything back!! :)

10) You will dream about ordering and menu's and dishwashers and frying pans most nights. There's no way of getting around it. You just will.

So there you have it, TEN useless bits of info about running a kitchen.

Mwah xx