Saturday, 19 July 2014

Geocaching Adventure! #CountryKids

Have you heard of Geocaching? Its AWESOME for older kids, well kids and adults of all ages really. I've seen people talking about it on various blogs and things so we downloaded the free app (search Geocaching in the App store) and straightaway 8 geocaches within 2 miles of our house came up! So we headed off up the hill to find our 'treasure' :) 

Of course we had to stop and cuddle the pony along the way.. Shan looks terrified here but she really wasn't - lol!

The view was stunning from behind our house.. I love the clouds in this pic - thankfully they weren't rain clouds and it was super warm the whole time we were out!

The app acts like a GPS compass, so you follow it just like you would a Sat Nav.  It's FAB..!

After 10 minutes of searching every nook and cranny in the 'hot spot' Tayla spotted this with her bionic eye...

I know... it looks like nothing... but if you look very closely in the middle of the pic there's a black, shiny object - super well camouflaged into the tree trunk!

This cache was called 'The Rat Run' and so we found this friendly (thankfully plastic) little rat.. and a tube with a log inside it.. Some caches have little gifts you can take and replace with something else too..

There we are - The BUTTS family........... :) It's just a nickname, thank the lord not our real name!

Super fat dorky selfie with said rat...

We carried on up the White Horse hill with the smell of the burger van encouraging us to keep going and came across this clay (kaolin?) mine.. pretty cool - the pic doesn't do it justice for just how huge it is!

The paragliders and handgliders were all out as it was perfect conditions for them to fly - we got chatting to some of them whilst wolfing down a huge burger at the top of the hill and they even offered to take the girls out one day. Over my dead body!!!!!!!! haha! Those things are too unpredictable man - Tayla said she wouldn't go because she was worried a bird would fly into her and rip her contraption to pieces... lol! She is So her mother's child.

What outdoor activities have you been getting up to now that the weather is so delicious? Link up your posts to the #CountryKids linky below - huge inspiration over here people!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 18 July 2014

Love the Little Things - #littleloves


THIS post by the fabulous How To Be a Domestic Disgrace entitled "The Joys & Pitfalls of having an only child" - I'll tease you with this conversation with her hubby and son - it'll make you click over and read the rest for sure: 

"Can you play He-Man with me, Daddy?"
"Not at the moment, dude."
"But you said you'd play He-Man with me later, and now it's later."
"Yeah.  I'm just doing some work, though.  Go and do some colouring or something."
"But I want to play He-Man."
"Play it by yourself."
"I can't, because who would be Skeletor?  I can't do the Skeletor laugh.  And I need Mummy to be Ram Man."
"Mummy's busy.  She doesn't want to be Ram Man."

"Well, she can be the annoying one, then."
"Yeah, him."
"Mate, we're too busy right now."
"Sigh." *wanders off*
"Er, what?"
"I might stick this Spiderman sticker up my bum."
"Very funny."
"Right up it."
"We probably wouldn't."
"For sticker removal?"
"Yep.  And he'd say 'how did that sticker get there?' and I'd say 'because nobody wanted to play He-Man with me and I was sad', and then he'd tell you off."
"Very creative."
"So, think on."
Mate, I am not playing He-Man at the moment."

"I'm removing my trousers......."

LOL! Love that girl.......... 


Vivianna does Makeup is one of my FAVOURITE YouTubers. Her weekly vlogs always make me smile and I just love her to bits. She's truly inspiring! 


My mums Marc Jacobs sunnies............. I just HAD to give them a little go! 


This song from Ed Sheeran's new album 'Mulitply' has been dubbed the 'Walking down the Aisle' song for this summer... it's sweet and mushy and I love it :) 


I'm doing Slimming World again and found a recipe for this delicious One Pot Breakfast dish - it looks like a mumble jumble of stuff but it was DELISH! We had it for lunch yesterday and it was so flipping good. Look out for the recipe on my blog next Tuesday! 

and lastly..
I've been working on my YouTube channel quite a bit lately - I'd love it if you could check it out and even do some of the 'Tags' I did? Let me know if you do and I'll be sure to check it out! 

I'm linking this post up again to the sexy ButWhyMummyWhy ... check out more 'Love the Little Things' posts on her fabulous blog! 

Happy Friday dudes! 

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Friday, 27 June 2014

Glossybox June 2014

So it's Mini-Xmas time in my house this week... yip... my Glossybox turned up! I have to say I've been SO impressed with the boxes this year.  I cancelled my subscription last year because I was literally receiving 5 samples I could've picked up at Debenhams.  BUT this year the boxes have been fab, I've received loads of full-size products and if I can't use the product myself - I've stashed it for stocking fillers.

This month GlossyBox are embracing the great British summer. The selected products help you update your summer beauty routine in one easy step. The box was worth over £50 which is brilliant for just £13.25 incl pp!

I've filmed the 'unboxing' and my initial thoughts on the box too - you can watch it on YouTube by clicking the link below :)

First up is the Schwarzkopf got2b Rise 'n Shine Souffle.  RRP: £ 3.99 - currently on offer at Superdrug for £2.66!

"NEW got2b Rise 'n Shine soufflé gives your hair textured volume and silky shine for a truly glamorous finish."

My first reaction to this product is that it made my hair go sticky... however I had already got a product on my hair when I tried it which wasn't very clever so I'll give this another go when I wash my hair tonight!

Next is the So Susan Concealer Quad - RRP: £ 16.95

"A compact of 4 concealer shades that cover dark shades, blemishes and minor imperfections"

The outer packaging on this product is simply gorgeous. I LOVE it to bits. However the actual product packaging is disappointing and gives quite a high end concealer a really bad look in my opinion :( I'm sorry Susan! The product also didn't work for me and it didn't conceal any blemishes on my skin. It was hard to use from the quad palette and hardly anything came out even when rubbed pretty vigourously.


Next out of the box was the teeez Flat Stiff Makeup Brush - RRP: unknown - I can't find this online - sorry!

Again the packaging is just stunning and I'm really interested in their makeup range after seeing it on their website.  I do wear eyeshadow most days so will definitely be giving this a go as my eyeshadow brush definitely needed replacing!

Next is the Nailgirls Top Coat - RRP: £ 13.50 - I've just found it at Not on the High Street for £ 8.10 - whoop!

"A quick drying top coat with a wet look shine. Dries up to 4 coats of colour in under 3 minutes with a glossy finish"

As I mentioned in my video, I try and have my nails done as often as I can with Gel overlays but this will be great for those poor times when I'm whacking polish on my nails myself :) 

Next out of the magic box was the Fleur de Figuier Shower Cream , Body Lotion & Fragrance Sample - RRP : £ 9.50 (shower cream), £ 13 (body lotion) & £32 (fragrance) available at M&S

"The fresh and indulgent scent of Eau Fraiche Fleur de Figuier radiates light and opulence. A melting formula, infused with fig pulp, the main active ingredient is extracted from the buds of the plant, known for their softening properties and effect on suppleness"
The smell of this is gorgeous - a light, fruity smell, perfect for invigorating your shower on hot summer days!

As usual the Glossy mag was packed with info & PR write-ups on this month's featured brands.... I've shown you So Susan in this image because I do feel bad that I didn't like the product when she looks so lovely!

Do you subscribe to any monthly boxes? Tell me in the comments so I can check them out too!

GlossyBox February 2014 Review 

Happy Friday! x 

*disclaimer: this is NOT a sponsored post.  All ramblings, opinions and general chit-chat are my own and I pay for this subscription in full. I just like to share with you what's in my mystery box each month!*

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


My youngest (Shanah) and my sister's eldest (Taide) are the best of friends. He's 3 months younger than her and they've been besties since Day 1. 

Cousins, besties, friends - they just 'get' each other. 

Unbelievably I can't find one photo of my sister and I pregnant together - Fail.  

Shanah was in the room when Taide was born... just a 3 month old baba SCREAMING in my arms while my sister SCREAMED him into the world. 

It was a dramatic affair after a never-ending labour. Thunder, lighting... oh yes.. the works.

And we loved him straightaway.

Don't get me wrong... they still fight, and there was even a year where they really didn't like each other, but they tote's got over it and whenever we visit they just go off on a mission together. Bestest buddies.

2005  - ages 5 months and 2 months

2007 - Age 2
2009 - Age 3

2010 - Age 4
2014 - Age 8
And still silly as ever....

I know these 2 will be best buds until they're old and wrinkly & they'll be there for each others best and worst moments in life. Best Buddies.

And I freaking love that.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

May Favourites: Beauty, Home, Office! {Video too!}

I know. I know. It's halfway through June. I'm always late to the party. Love to make an entrance ya' know?! These are the things I've been LOVING during May.  I made a video for you about all this too. I've pasted it at the bottom of this blog post for ya'. 

This month's favourites are a bit of a mish mash of things.  That picture doesn't really do any of the products much justice as it kinda looks like a random selection of stuff I've just picked up off the bedroom floor. 

BUT. Each and every one of those products is totally awesome!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

1. Bourjois 3D Effect lipgloss - perfect, non-sticky lipgloss. And the colour is apparently 'bang-on-trend' ... fashionable for once in my life! £7.69 from Boots
2. Pilot Frixion Ball pen - slightly random but so fitting as I am a Stationery addict and the fact that this pen rubs out is just PURE.GENIUS to me - £ 3.49 from Pilot Pen
3. Tresemme Intense Repair Dry Shampoo - little bit in LOVE with this! My hair is super oily and this just refreshes it, gives it volume and lasts all day long. Love Love Love.
4. Toni & Guy Shine Gloss Serum - another Hair FAVE! Perfect for smoothing through your hair after straightening it, no fly-aways and it smells gorgeous too! Around £5.25 from Boots.
5. Sip & Snack Cup - Self explanatory, water cup with a twistie bottom for snacks.. check out my video below to see how it works. Available from the Original Factory Shop for £1.50 (not online)
6. Soap & Glory Butter Yourself - Oh the Smell is just fruit punch in a tub! Beautiful, luxurious body butter that screams summer - rrp. £10.50 from Boots, Superdrug or online
7. Asda Rose Gold Flip Flops - perfect with everything... so comfy, I buy these every year and they last the whole summer.  Pretty and awesome.

I video'ed this whole lot for you too. Press Play and say Hi! 

What are your current favourites? Let me know in the comments! 

Monday, 2 June 2014

Our Meals this week - Recipe Links Included!

So we survived half term! The kids ate us out of house and home but we managed to pretty much stick to our meal plan and only had to go and top up once with some pizza's - the girls had friends over and it was just easier to buy them each a pizza they would like and eat!

This week we're back to school & work routine - we're also trying to not eat so much red meat so we've concocted the following meal plan

Sunday: Roast Chicken with Roast potatoes, Homemade Yorkies, Sweet Butternut squash mash, peas & gravy. It was DELISH.

Monday: Mac 'n Cheese

Tuesday: Candid Mommy's Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup - I've been eyeing this bad boy up for a while - Check out the How-to in her video below! 

Wednesday: Italian Tray Bake

Thursday: Crockpot Baked Potatoes with a variety of toppings

Saturday: Homemade Pizza

Easy homemade pizza dough recipe  MY NOTES: Cups recipe not weight!  Used New Year's Day 2014.  Easy to double and freeze.  Used 3 tbs in stead of 4 for oil in double batch
So that's what we're munching on this week - how about you?

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Oh Yes!

Cornwall. England's little piece of Paradise :)

I got older (aka had a birthday) so Dave whisked me off to Cornwall for a child-free weekend.

It was HEAVEN.  The sun shone for 2 whole days, we stayed right by the beach and just did whatever we wanted to without having to stick to a time schedule or include a jumping castle en route to entertain the sprogs. 

It was Awesome. Have I said that already? Here's our weekend in pics..
Seriously. It was a BEAUT of a sunset.
Haha - this is our first stop..... we're on holiday... pass the booze! 

We ate at the pub we stayed in and the food was just out of this world and so reasonably priced too.  I had fish both nights.... When in Rome? :)

Check the paddle dude - this was about 9pm... just a totally relaxed way of life by the beach, I do miss it so..

Dreaming, posing, shmodel shot - LOL

After dinner on my actual birthday the sky exploded with colour... someone on the beach had put on the most beautiful firework display - of course Dave tried to con me into thinking he'd organised it all just for me - GREAT timing on his part!

I got spoilt with a new beach bag, some white converse, jewellery, choccies.... all the good stuff :)

St Ives is one of our favourite towns to visit so we hopped into the car and took the Park & Ride into town. This ended up being a train shuttle along the coast and we saw the most stunning beaches along the way!
Every year we sit on this bench and shuve down a huge Cornish Pasty.  Small traditions... notice the UKIP plane flying overhead with it's banner too... haha!

More fish... and handcut chips. This was HUGE ... like.... WHALE and chips

Birthday morning coffee at my birthday table.. (my birthday was on the 17th) again - stroke of luck for Dave! Serious brownie points by this stage!

We stopped off at Healey's Cornish Cyder farm for a taste of their home-brewed cider - I'm not a huge cider fan but this stuff was pretty yum and we ended up bringing a bottle home - the bottle alone is just beautiful!

Of course we had to take a few obligatory selfie's along the way. 'Scuze the finger.

MORE food.... scrummy tapa's at the Phoenix pub where we stayed - the bruschetta had an olive and garlic paste smothered on them - they were SO good.

Breakfast with a view at our favourite cafe on the beach at Watergate Bay - The Beach Hut!

 Sexy surfer people. Also.... I need to clean my camera lens. Photo fail.

These ball thrower things fascinate me.... how does the flipping ball stick in there?

I'm a big kid at heart and dragged Dave into the amusements to spend a whole pound on the 2p machines. There are some SERIOUS players in there man! After I lost my pound there was a whole queue waiting for my machine! haha!

 Just Strollin.... :)

We came across this awesome cave - it was super freaky and the thought of the tonnes of rock above me just freaked me out so I spent about a split second in there before I came galloping out.

And when I got home (to a roast dinner!) my awesome Mom and sprogs had baked me a scrummy chocolate cake and surprised me with yet more prezzies. All in all it was a fabulous weekend - the weather was perfect, the food was perfect, the location was perfect and the company was perfect. What more could a girl ask for? :)